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Once upon a time there was a young girl (young boy, if you prefer) who wanted to write. About what she didn’t know; she just wanted to write. Every day the young girl would resolve to write and then wait…and wait…and wait…for ideas and inspiration to arrive, and bring words with them. Months passed by and nothing happened. No one arrived and no one deposited words on her blank page.

It is rumored that a lady once asked W. Somerset Maugham at a party if he wrote every day, or only when inspiration struck him. He replied, “Mam, I write only when inspiration strikes me. Mercifully, it arrives every day, punctually, at 8 am.”

Great storytellers and writers will be the first to admit that talent alone is not enough. It has to be nurtured and honed through an inordinate amount of hard work and effort, and by continuous investment in knowledge and practice.

Are you keen on taking your ability to craft and write stories to the next level? Would you like to work with a professional who has extensive domain expertise in the crafting and writing of stories, and who has thirty years of speaking, training, and facilitation experience? If you answered yes to both, please contact me at